Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What is the catch about Women's Fitness Camp?

I am going to let you be the judge. Okay, the catch is.....

Yes I do personal training one on one. Let me estimate the cost. Say you want to do one on one training with me. I charged 45 bucks an hour ( due to the gas price is up). You want to do 3 days a week with me for a month. That is 12 sessions. Your total cost is 540.oo. Whereas if you were to sign up for the Women's Fitness Camp- it is only 19 bucks a class if you were to sign up a 4 day week for 4 weeks. That is 16 sessions for 299.00. I don't see how you can go for 5 days a week for 20 sessions. You will be very tired and lose your concentration. Your energy will be low. You need to recuperate your body as much as possible. The class only last about 45 minutes and that should be plenty of time. It is quick and you will be out just in a flash!

Yes, our Women's Fitness Camp will help you to save you money lot more than any other personal training services. You will be much stronger , leaner, and toner! You will absolutely love your body just end of the 4 week camp session.

When is it: March 24- April 18th
Where: It will be held at the Shelby Park on 15th Street. Lovely view! This park is very clean and we have an exciting program for you!

That is 4 days a week, all taught by Jamie and Ben. We will split up the class and have more fun and get things going!

Registration- go to http://www.1on1fit.net/

Only 40 participants- so Enroll Today. Space is filling up FAST! People are signing up today and it is getting filled up! We are very excited to hear lot of people to sign up.

Click here: http://www.1on1fit.net/
Once you sign up for this Women's Fitness Camp you will:

Free month of yoga class that is taught by Ben
Free TWO nutritional counseling coach with Ben
Free One day at the grocery store tour with Ben and Jamie
Free T-shirt

The missing ingredient

The secret is....

I want more people to get involved and have lot of fun!

That is why I created the Women's Fitness Camp. I am very happy to open this here in Tuscaloosa. Come on women, sign up today! We welcome all levels and ages too.

The Women's Fitness Camp is about :

• Nutrition education
• Group Training
• A motivated and fun atmosphere
• Group support- women with the same goals, needs, and desires

Imagine this:
• Lose unwanted pounds and excess fat.
• Tone up your entire body and say GOODBYE to bodyfat
• Lose inches and fit into your smaller clothes or go shopping for new dress - you can wear you favorite dress!

• Climb that flight of stairs and still be able to breathe at the top
• Play with your children or grandchildren without getting out of breath - this is the key! Your children depends on you! Think about it.

• Improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility.
• Strengthen your muscles, increase your endurance ,and stamina.

Reduce your risk of:
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• High cholesterol
• Obesity
• Osteoporosis
• Cancer
• Live life with vigor and vitality.
Increase Energy and productivity
• Get rid of stress
• Be prepared for the demands of life
• Sleep better

The most important thing of all is to train your mind. Studies have shown that fitness camps will help your brain to prevent any kind of strokes, or blood clots because of the blood flow in your brain. The more blood in your brain and the more oxygen there is will make your memory to become sharp and very active.

Why? The reason is they lacked training of the mind and lacking of exercise time.
You can train the body, but if the mind is not trained, then you eventually gain your weight back again. It is true!

You deserve to look and feel good. SMILE!!
You are a success.!
You are an achiever!
You can lose weight and keep it off forever!
This is the key, the missing component.

Last, you must BELIEVE!

How much would success be worth to you?

How much time and money have you already spent on ineffective programs or equipment?

Was it a good investment?

With our Women's Fitness Camp, you will receive the knowledge, motivation, training, and support that you need to be a success.
What are you waiting for?
Unlock the success within you!

You have nothing to lose---Sign up today! Call us 752 7171 or go to http://www.1on1fit.net/.

God bless each of you.

do me a favor.....

* Take out a note pad and jot down every way you have tried to lose weight.

What made them not work?

What was missing?

If you look closely, I bet there was one thing that you didn't have before.

One key that will unlock success within you.

What was this key?

How do you find it?

If you are one of those who has been struggling to lose weight, then you think you found all the right reason to join a dietian center. Think again, here are 9 things that Diet centers will Not tell you. Make a note of this:

1. Your wallet will shrink sooner than you thought.
The holidays are over. You've devoured too much turkey and put away plenty of pudding. Now you've awakened from a tryptophan nap to a real nightmare — your waistline is increasing more size.

Nearly two-thirds of all Americans are overweight or obese, and they spend more than $30 billion each year to trim down. It's that figure, and not your own, that motivates weight-loss marketers to squeeze every penny from desperate dieters.

2. Want to get the real truth about LA weight loss center or any other weight loss centers---they are nothing but lies. All they want is your money out of your pocket.

Acutal story that was from the internet:

Several New Yorkers found that out two years ago when they joined LA Weight Loss Centers. Television and newspaper ads touted that dieters could join for "only $7 per week." Sounds good to be true.

The reality?

First, it wasn't possible to pay as you go; customers had to fork over a yearly fee of $376 or more in advance. Plus, they had to buy nutrition bars for as much as $28-$40 a week. The New York Attorney General's office investigated and found that the total cost of the program exceeded $800 (or more than $15 or more a week). Last January, after revising its contracts to fully disclose the program's costs, LA Weight Loss agreed to pay a $110,000 fine to settle false-advertising charges.

3. Most weight loss center are just big fat liars. Yup, you heard me correct. Imagine this.

"Lose weight while you sleep." Wanting to shed a few pounds, Makinen, 52, ordered a bottle of Body Solutions for $48.

It sounded simple: right?

Swallow a tablespoon of the fruity liquid before bed (and at least three hours after your last meal), and in a matter of weeks, you'll see results.

What happened?

After two and a half months, Makinen had gained 6 pounds — and was out almost $150.

Last January she filed suit in Pasco County, Fla., against Mark Nutritionals — the maker of Body Solutions — alleging false advertising. The company denies the charges.

It has since dropped the slogan "lose weight while you sleep" from its promotions and now stresses exercise.

Fact is, most claims made by weight-loss programs are likely to be false.

In September the Federal Trade Commission released a study that found 55% of ads strain credibility by making such claims as "works three times faster than fasting itself" or "lose up to 2 pounds daily." Says Richard Cleland, an assistant director at the FTC: "The ads are filled with testimonials about amounts of weight that are just physiologically impossible for a person to lose. You just don't lose 30 pounds in 30 days."

4. "Qualifications? Check out these photos.

"Even though weight loss should be more about health than about squeezing into one dress size smaller, don't expect your local weight-loss center to be staffed with certified nutritionists — as Janine White found out.

Looking to lose 80 pounds earlier this year, White, 33, enrolled at a Jenny Craig in Tempe, Ariz. But when White first met her counselor and asked about her qualifications, the counselor did nothing more than show White a photo of how she looked before trying the Jenny Craig program.

Three days later White canceled her membership, complaining that she did not want to make lifestyle changes that could affect her health without more-credentialed advice. "I was disappointed that the counselors were not medical professionals," she says.

Jenny Craig's Gina Madaio says the company does use former clients as counselors, but that they must pass an initial 40 hours of training, then take follow-up classes in nutrition, motivation and stress management. Madaio emphasizes that the consultants play an important role in providing the clients with support. As she puts it, "There is this kind of empathy."
What bout hiring a certified personal trainers? The women's fitness camp is the way to go. We will help you to lose weight and get you on the right track. Your will save thousands of dollars guaranteed. Stop believing all the crazy myths out there.

Sign up for the Women's fitness camp today. Go to www.1on1fit.net.

5. "Don't blame us. We just sell the stuff."heads up, weight-loss marketers: Jon Cooper has you on his radar.

In 2000, Cooper, a Suffolk County, N.Y., legislator, sponsored the first bill in the country to ban the use of handheld cell phones while driving. Now he wants to ban the sale of all supplements containing ephedra in Suffolk County. And his target is not just the manufacturers using ephedra. "It will be the responsibility of stores to clear the shelves of these products," says Cooper.

Increasingly, retailers are being named along with manufacturers as defendants in wrongful death lawsuits involving ephedra. So far, many of the cases involve individuals who used supplements to improve athletic performance, not to lose weight.

But with more people (especially teenagers) using ephedra-containing supplements for dietary reasons, retailers are becoming targets for litigation. To avoid problems, some are changing sales policies. In November, GNC announced that it would begin carding people who want to buy supplements intended for use by adults. It will also provide additional product information in its stores.

6. Welcome to fat camp, kid. Get ready to starve."consider yourself lucky if you've never been razzed with "fatty fatty two-by-four, can't get through the kitchen door."

Lots of overweight kids can't say that, though — and their numbers are multiplying every year. It is alarming! The National Center for Health Statistics reports that 15% of children ages six through 19 are overweight, or nearly triple the percentage from 1980.

For kids who won't lay off the Big Macs, more parents are looking into camps that specialize in trimming down chubby children with regimented menus and exercise programs. Sounds promising — just beware: "There are camps that are like boot camps. The trainers operate from the 'no pain, no gain' mentality," says Melinda Sothern, coauthor of Trim Kids and director of pediatric obesity research at Louisiana State University. While admitting the camps can be a positive experience, she warns that without family participation the kids often return home to the conditions that contributed to their original problems. Parents are the role models.
------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------
1 on 1 fitness will help both parents and children to trim down for the entire family guaranteed. Call us at 752 7171.

7. "We'll tuck your tummy — and maybe keep you ticking.

"The Today Show's Al Roker isn't the only one who has gone under the knife to lessen his load. The number of gastric bypass surgeries, which reduce the size of a patient's stomach and reroute part of the intestine so fewer calories are absorbed, is ballooning.

Last year nearly 63,100 such surgeries were performed, up 34% over 2001.

Unfortunately, not everyone can stomach the operation. According to the American Society for Bariatric Surgery, the death rate for gastric bypass is three in every 1,000 patients.

Plus, potential complications include malnutrition, abdominal infection and gallstones. Then there's the issue of teenagers having the surgery.

In a recent editorial in the medical journal Pediatrics, Dr. Sue Y.S. Kimm, a professor in the department of family medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, expressed concern that physicians are entertaining gastric bypass surgery as an option for young patients:

"My major concern is not so much the immediate post-op complications, but the long-term complications." She points out that the surgery is known to limit calcium absorption by the body. To perform the surgery when the bones are still forming raises questions that have not been fully studied.


1 on 1 is 100 percent against gastric bypass surgery! I have heard lot of people have died after the sugergy. Not a pretty picture!

8. "Forget 'lite' food. Just eat less."something's not computing. You know food products labeled say something like this: "lite," "lean" and "better for you" keep expanding, but so do American waistlines.

Market-research firm Information Resources says sales of such weight-loss foods reached $5 billion in 2001, up 2.4% from 2000. Witness Frito-Lay, which sold $62 million in Baked Lays potato chips in 2001. The trouble? Such product labeling can be misleading.

The Atkins Diet, for example, is built around limiting carbohydrates. So it was more than upsetting to many Atkins followers that its diet products contained more carbohydrates than the label indicated. Atkins Nutritionals denies any wrongdoing, but is in the process of settling a class-action lawsuit brought against it for $100,000.

Don't forget the author Atkins died due to heart failure complications because his diet plan was not the correct way to lose weight.

In June the American Heart Association reported that foods made with fat substitutes can provide some flexibility in a diet but shouldn't be a strategy for weight loss.
Why? Reduced-fat versions of products often have the same or even more calories than full-fat versions. Ultimately, says Dr. Robert Eckel of the American Heart Association, obesity is a calorie problem.

As he puts it, "Some diets blame obesity on carbohydrates. You can't do that. You have to blame it on calories."

9. Our guarantee: We'll drive you crazy. Yes that is true! Of course they will call you frequently and you will regret that you never signed up at weight loss center.

"the ads seemed inescapable. Between October 2001 and last January, more than $8 million was spent to broadcast an infomercial for the AB Energizer — an electronic muscle stimulator belt that promised to help tone abs.

Plus, the AB Energizer came with a money-back guarantee. "If you don't lose at least 2 inches off your waist in the first 30 days," the infomercial touted, "return it for a full refund . . . no questions asked.

" Turns out consumers had more than just questions. The Better Business Bureau says it has received more than 500 complaints from AB Energizer customers seeking refunds.

In the world of weight-loss products, money-back guarantees are routine. The FTC found that 52% of the weight-loss ads it studied contained promises of guaranteed results.

But as Ron Berry, senior vice president of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, cautions, "Guarantees are only as good as the company behind them."

The FTC is now suing the various companies involved in marketing the AB Energizer, alleging that consumers who sought refunds could not reach a customer-service operator. The companies deny the allegations.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Women's fitness camp is approaching FAST

I am very excited to open a Women's Fitness Camp here in my town (Tuscaloosa). It is going to be a blast! I know some of you are signing up today and I am very excited to hear all levels of women are signing up today. They are so excited to know they will get results just in 4 weeks. Call me today 752 7171 to sign up for the women's fitness camp. You will be glad that you did. You have nothing to lose. What are you waiting for?
God bless you all.

Breathe Easy Today

Itchy, watery eyes, running nose, an aching head, and sinus congestion. Sound familiar? You may be among the 37 million people in the United States who suffer from allergic rhinitis or sinusitis. Consider combating your springtime woes naturally with these time-tested self-healing techniques.

Allergens in the Air

When your sinuses, the air-filled hollow cavities around your nose and nasal passages, become inflamed, fluid can accumulate and interfere with normal drainage of mucus in the sinuses. This condition is known as acute sinusitis.

The result? You may have trouble breathing through your nose and feel your eyes and facial tissue swell up.

Your symptoms may include a headache, fever, a nagging cough, post-nasal drip, thick green or yellow discharge, and a feeling of facial "fullness" that gets worse when you lean forward; during a severe sinus infection, some people even experience a toothache.

This uncomfortable condition has many possible causes, including bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, allergies, or a deviated septum. Synonymous with spring, allergic rhinitis, commonly called hay fever, is the inflammatory result of your immune system's overreaction to allergens in the air.

Pollen is one famous offender. Other allergens include dirt, pollution, animal hair, food particles cloth fibers, and mold.

Surprising Secrets for Sinus Health:

Here are some all-natural ways to gain freedom from sinus suffering.

• Clear your sinuses and your mind with a steamy stovetop spa. Add a few drops of wintergreen oil to a pot of boiling water and inhale the steam. Take care not to be burned by the vapor.

• Herbs and spices like ginger, scallion, basil, garlic, oregano, cayenne peppers, white pepper, horseradish and turmeric will have your sinus passageways unblocked in no time!

• The supplement bromelain - a papaya and pineapple-based enzyme - helps reduce histamine release, the body's natural allergic response.

• Clear your nasal passageway daily for healthy, happy sinuses. Add 1 tsp of sea salt, 1 drop of oregano oil, and 1 drop of wintergreen to a cup of warm water. Fill a small-spouted squeeze bottle with this warm solution. Squirt into one nostril at a time and blow out through the nose. Alternate nostrils.

• Press one clove of garlic, mix with 1 tsp of olive oil and soak a clean cotton ball with the oil mixture and place in nostrils after having washed the nostril with warm salt water. Leave in for 20 minutes and repeat three times a day until the symptoms clear up.

• These two simple self-massage practices that follow are incredibly effective for relieving sinus congestion. For both, sit at the tip of a sturdy chair with your back erect, spine stretched, and your head tilted slightly forward.

1. Inhale and gently press your forehead just inside the temples with your palms. Exhale and release. Repeat three times.

2. Cross your middle and index fingers by placing the tips of your middle fingers on top of the fingernails on your index fingers. Rub the sides of your nose 36 times in a circular motion, warming your fingers first if they're cold.

What you eat affects your sinus health

Avoid the foods that produce mucous and dampness: dairy products, cold and raw foods, corn (including corn syrup), and simple sugars. Choose whole grains like quinoa, amaranth and brown rice instead of wheat, rye and barley, which are typically high allergy grains. Opt for papaya, cranberries, pear, pineapple, cherries, mango, and citrus fruits. Eat more green vegetables such as artichoke, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and spinach.

Both alcohol and smoking should be avoided during a sinus flare-up as they irritate the respiratory tract and worsen nasal inflammation. Also, sinus congestion is often worse with lack of quality rest so be sure to get plenty of sleep and keep your stress level low.

I hope that you find the ways to keep your sinuses clear and freely flowing everyday.

Good tips to follow.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mail the form to...

click here,

click on the fitness camp and fill out the form.

Deadline for the women's fitness camp is March 21, 2008.
After the deadline will increase the price.

See you at the camp on March 24, 2008.
Have a wonderful spring break.

Enrollement form to fill out for Women's fitness Camp

go to this web page


click on fitness camp

Frequently Asked Questions about Women's FitnessCamp

What exactly is WOMEN'S CAMP FITNESS?

Our class structure is based upon simple yet effective fundamental movement patterns executed at high intensity. These workouts deliver time-tested measurable health and fitness improvements. This technology delivers the most effective broad-based fitness results in the most efficient manner possible.See our schedule page for more details on class times and locations.

Do I need to get in shape before I try this class?

Absolutely not. We have students who are in the 99th percentile of fitness and those in the 5th percentile of fitness. You are pushed and encouraged based on your current level of fitness. All we want is for you to give your best effort on that particular day.

What kind of results can I expect?

New students can expect about a 15-20% improvement in strength and endurance following the first fifteen sessions. In addition our findings show that flexibility, agility and body composition are improved. Subjective things like increased mental toughness, energy levels, improved sleep and reduced joint stiffness are also reported. Most of our students are shocked at their improvements even though they would consider themselves exercisers.

What attire should I wear?

Comfortable workout gear (no spandex please) and some running shoes. Cross Training, trail or off road running shoes are most appropriate but any type will do. You will also be responsible to bring your own warrior beverage–water.

What credit cards do you accept?

We take all major credit cards.

Can I start a class in the middle of a session or month?

Yes, you will be charged a prorated amount based upon the enrollment level you select. Charges for the program are applied the first of each month.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Register for Women's Fitness Camp TODAY!

Hi Everyone, if you decide that you want to sign up for the Women's Fitness camp. Please email me and we have to monitor you before going further. This is precedure is to do a small check up with you. Yes, we need to do the before picture and weigh you to keep your records. This will help us to know much better about you. Also, if you want to contact Ben, email him right away! You should click on the left side to contact him or scroll down to find my email address. Or call Jamie at 657-3845.

Bring your friends too and we will have a great class! Thank you.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Did you know?

Did you know that overweight and obese children are seven times more likely than their thinner peers to have multiple heart disease risk factors by the age of 15? Yes it is true, by the study of American Journal Clinical Nutrition, Sept 07.

Did you know that a combination of diet and exercise is more effective way to lose weight after pregnancy than dieting alone? Yup, you bet. there is a study from Cochrane systematic Review, July 07.

Well, I have read lot of articles and it is proven a fact that these questions just hit you hard. I know truth is good to know. Now you can be prepared and get ahead of time before it is too late.


Get Fit NOW....The Women's Fitness Camp Class

Hi, everyone. Sign up the for the Women's Fitness Camp Class today to get started. Every one is welcome sign up for the Women's fitness camp class. Here is what you expect.
3-5 percent of reduction

5-12lbs weight loss

25 percent improvement strength

100 percent self confidence

1-3 inches decrease in the midsection

25 percent improved in endurance

Greatly improved posture

Better relaxation

If you answer Yes any above that you have been looking for ways to get there. Then, the women's fitness camp is for you.

Women of all fitness levels, sizes and ages are gaining great results with Women's Fitness Camp! You can too!

Are you looking for a jump-start to your fitness program? Then you found the right place to get more information.

Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or just tired of the same routine come try this whole new approach to exercise...fun! Women's Fitness Camp is a four week outdoor fitness program that offers fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training - packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight to fit into that special dress, shed the extra pounds from a pregnancy or just get fit before that special occasion, this is the program for you!

What will you expect from this Women's Fitness Class?
45 minutes a day for 4 weeks

Monday through Friday 5:30am / 9:30am / 6 pm

Dynamic instruction from a Certified Personal Trainer
Spaces fill quickly for this unique experience!

Hurry sign up today and space will fill up quickly or you will not be in the class once it fills up. You will have to wait for the next camp to sign up.

Ahh, you are thinking about what are your benefits....here it is:
Dynamic improvement in your physical well being and self confidence.
Increase strength and endurance
Pre and post evaluations to help you monitor your progress
Loss to inches to firmer body
Motivational and inspiration in only women's team enviroment
Four weeks of fun, energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals .

Monday, February 11, 2008

Women's Fitness Camp ANYONE??....COME AS YOU ARE

I know, I know. I have been out of the picture for awhile. I have been very busy going to school and working at the same time. There were couple of school projects I had to do and studied for exams. What a whirl! Now that I am taking a break. Thank goodness!

Okay, about the Women's Fitness Camp in Tuscaloosa. We will have a free boot camp every Saturday. Be sure to add your name in the post with your email address so that I can check out your post and it will send me an urgent message to my email. COOOOOOL! Just excatly what the Dr order. Life is great.

The class will be only a half hour to enough for you see what the Women's Fitness Class is all about. We have great trainers and do give out great exercises. It will be fun and challenging.

One other thing, I will post a You tube for the boot camp and show each one of you what it will be like and it is guarantee that it will tone up your body and lose number of pounds whatever you want to lose. Yes, this is the fastest way to lose weight- PERIOD.

Call me at BPC Fitness Personal Training (752 7171) if you want to sign up for the Women's fitness camp. I love to have each one of you to come.

But PLEASE, leave a message because I am hearing impaired and can not understand you over the phone-- but good news-- I have hired a great personal trainer and her name is Jamie-- she will return your call as soon as possible. I would appreciate it! Thank you so much for understanding.

Thank you and have a GREAT day!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fat furance burning the pounds away

Today we're here with fat loss expert, Craig Ballantyne, MSc, CSCS, the creator of Fat Burning. Craig is an advisor to Men's Health Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, and many others. I sat down with him to give you some tips on shedding fat quickly and effectively for beach season. And, best of all, this is Craig's 1 year "birthday" with Fat Burning and he is offering some insane bonuses to really propel your fat loss efforts...including some specific meal plans for men and women from yours truly, recipes from nutritionist Mike Rousell, and tips on estimating your body fat by Dr. John Berardi. Honestly, Craig's program is awesome and I don't put my stamp of approval on just anything.
Chris: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Craig. Why don't you tell us a bit about how you developed the Fat Burning
Craig: My workouts program are highly influenced by both athletic training and bodybuilding, so Turbulence Training has become a relatively unique hybrid system - and even more so now with the infusion of scientific-based ab training and a variety of challenging bodyweight exercises.
I refined the workouts over my years at McMaster University, a science-based University near Toronto, Canada. It was there that during my graduate studies in Exercise Physiology that I performed the "first Turbulence Training workout". As a grad student, I had a very limited time to spend working out, but I needed to learn how to get a sound workout quickly and effectively, between my time in the lab and classroom.
Chris: For those who don't know much about Fat Burning, can you teach our readers very briefly what this system is based on?Craig: TT is about getting the most fat loss results in the least amount of workout time. Too many people are too busy to use the approach the exercise methods that were popular in the 80's (bodybuilding routines and hour-long cardio sessions). We don't have time for that today, but nor do we have the need for that.
Recent exercise research has shown us two things:
1) Interval training is as good or better than long, slow cardio (and takes HALF the time to do).
2) Moderately-heavy strength training is better for boosting metabolism and sculpting your body than light strength training.
Now that's what TT is based on. The TT program cuts your exercise time in half, so that you can get more results in only three 45-minute sessions per week. Compare that to what most people think they have to do in order to lose weight (5 days per week of body part strength training PLUS 60 minutes of cardio per day). You can quickly see results, which is the desired approach.
And as an extra bonus, the TT workouts don't require fancy muscle-building machines. You can do all of these workouts at home with a bench, an exercise ball, dumbbells, and your own body weight (and a pull-up bar if you're strong enough).
I've tried to make things as simple and effective as possible, while also making the program easy-to-use based on today's hectic-paced lifestyles.
Chris: As a nutrition guy, who travels a ton, I often get the question of what folks can eat when on the road that will allow them to stick to their nutrition plan. How about training while traveling? Is workout program good for that?
Craig: It's perfect. Here's why.
If your workout is based on a machine-circuit at your local gym, you are out of luck as soon as you leave that environment. There's no way you'll be able to stick to that program on the road and the same goes if you follow a specific class with a specific instructor.
On the other hand, if you use the workouts, even the worst hotel gyms have dumbbells and benches. So you can keep moving with your workouts, AND it doesn't take up too much time - as you might have even less time for workouts on the road than you do at home.
No gym at all? No worries. The workouts contain an extensive list of bodyweight exercises that let you keep on going through your workouts even if you have NO equipment at all. And trust me, if you are a beginner, there are appropriate exercises for you. Consider yourself advanced? Try the advanced bodyweight program in the 4-week Body Weight manual, and see if you aren't challenged (and leaner) after those workouts.
The variety and flexibility of the TT approach was "built for life". I've traveled extensively so I know what a traveler goes through too, and not only did I design these travel-friendly workouts, but I've used them myself!
Chris: Many readers fall into the trap of only working out in a gym setting--can you honestly get a solid workout just using your own body weight?
Craig: Oh baby, can you ever. In fact, there are a lot of bodyweight exercises that are harder than some of the free weight exercises people are doing.
Of course, like all my programs, I have appropriately designed beginner body weight programs that progress to intermediate and advanced levels. I've used these exercises and workouts with 300-lb men with bad knees. I know what works and is appropriate in those situations. The same goes for the intermediate client who has trained with weights in the past but wants a new challenge. My experience has shown me the right amount of bodyweight training and so on.
If you are worried about bad knees, the lying floor exercises for your lower body will prepare you for standing exercises. And again, if you are advanced, you will be mightily challenged by the advanced bodyweight routines that I have put together.
Chris: I personally love body weight training and know you can get an amazing workout, while challenging your body. What are some of your favorite body weight exercises? Craig: First, agility pushups. By that I mean pushups that require acrobatic movement of the legs during the pushup movement. In the manual, we have Spiderman Pushups where you externally rotate your leg and bring your knee to your elbow while you do the lower position. Not only does this increase the difficulty of the exercise, but it also adds to the benefits (increased co-ordination, ab work, etc.).
Any time you can add a movement to a body weight exercise you double or triple the benefits (or more). For example, we can take a basic squat or lunge and change the arm position (to a "Prisoner" or "Y-position" with your hands). Doing this, you work the upper back, which is otherwise difficult to work with bodyweight exercises if you don't have access to a pull up bar.
For abs, I prefer stability-based exercises such as mountain climbers, Stability Jackknifes, and variations rather than traditional ab crunches (those can sometimes be rough on your back). These are phenomenal total-body ab exercises that I believe will get you more results (and a healthier back) in less workout time.
And of course, I can't neglect the big pulling exercises (chins, pull ups, body weight rows). Those are the ultimate upper body exercises to work towards - and are your biggest bodyweight muscle builders.
There are pictures of all of these and every single exercise I recommend in Turbulence Training.Chris: This is great, Craig. But don't hold back any longer---can we have a sample workout from your bestselling TT program to whet the appetite of our readers? Craig: First, let's review the workout program set-up that will get you more results in less time...I'm talking 3 workouts of 45 minutes per week that will blast your post-exercise metabolism through the roof and help maximize your hormonal response to exercise.
A - The Warm-up
We use three body weight exercises done in a circuit. This is a much better way to prepare for training than by walking slowly on a treadmill.
B - The Strength Training Supersets
This can be as little as one brilliant superset (DB squats + DB presses) if you have only 10 minutes, or up to 4 supersets if you want to spend 30 minutes on your TT Strength Training.
C - Intervals
Bodyweight circuits, stationary bike intervals, or running on the treadmill or outside, these are just a few of the ways we can do intervals for 10-20 minutes. We don't need 40 minutes of slow cardio, or even 40 minutes of intervals.
Obviously this is just a basic sample and in the program itself, I go into much greater depth on the intricacies of each exercise, with descriptions and pictures.
Chris: We can't talk about getting in shape without delving into nutrition. What role does nutrition play in your programs and how can Meal Plans 101 complement your offerings?
Craig: I'm not afraid to admit that nutrition is more important than training when it comes to fat loss. If you don't eat right for fat loss, you will not lose fat, no matter how good your training program.
Almost client who hits every "plateau" who consults with me starts losing fat again once we fix their nutrition. If you are busting your butt in the gym, but treating yourself to sugar and trans-fat pastries or processed snacks, you are going to get frustrated fast.
You have to plan your meals. You have to shop in advance for the week ahead. You have to prepare those foods according to your meal plan.
The nutrition component is hard work, I know. There are a lot of temptations out there. HOWEVER, if you use your meal plan system, prepare your foods, and have that food on hand when someone orders pizza into the office or offers some other temptation, than you at least have the tools to eat right. You just say "no, sorry, brought my own lunch today" and you stick to your plan. Your personal trainer can help you BIG TIME! Why waste your time going to diet center- they never work. I have been there and done that.
One last thing I want to mention. Sixteen weeks is not that big of a deal when considered over the course of your lifetime. So just commit to being very serious about your fat loss for that time. You'll reach your goals and you'll lay down some healthy life habits. Once you decide on that 16-week block of fat burning with Fat burning program and with meal plans, don't let anything get in your way. Once you are done, you'll be so proud of yourself and you'll realize you have the potential to make some incredible life changes. If you can not do this alone, then you need to hire your personal trainer or get invovled boot fitness camp in your area. I know you will be glad that you did.
Take Home Points:1. Intervals are king when it comes to burning calories!
2. Opt for heavier lifting vs. the lighter, high rep counterpart
3. Body weight workouts are simple and perfect for those on the go-they don't take a lot of time, yet offer a lot of benefits!
4. Plan your training like you plan your meals for optimal results.
Good luck
Chris: Thanks Craig, I thank you for time today.